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Jessie Hahner is on the search for 2 time Grammy Award Winner Jason Mraz.

The option for an interview with Jason turns out to become an 8 year journey evolving into a musically road movie. Confronted with the Leukemia diagnose of her dad right in the starting point of this movie she dives into intimate interviews, synchronistic meetings and an adventure on it’s own.

With no money in her pockets the german Film maker is meeting the most amazing Creative Souls that life has to offer and get answers to deep questions.

I AM A CREATIVE SOUL is told by life.

It leads us unexpectedly to the source of creativity and reminds us that we all have one thing in common: ‚We are not just human beings, WE ARE CREATIVE SOULS‘.

I AM A CREATIVE SOUL Press/reviews

A masterpiece about the philosophy of life – about the meaning of life, which so many are looking for in vain and here in this film you will find it – the meaning of life, the happy life and what matters in life. 

The film combines different philosophical theories – shown on the practical example of creative people. It is a help to realize that art/creativity contains a significant humanistic aspect. 

A significant work that shows how to live a fulfilled life. What are the crucial things in life that make one happy? This is shown in many ways in this film. And hopefully for everyone somewhere there is a further insight for his own life. 

A film that can be the key to happiness and inner satisfaction. A film that enriches us all, because it is an important school of life. 

Buddha’s wisdoms, Hermann Hesse, Goethe, Plato, Aristotle and many more important insights can be found here in the experiences of the people… It’s worth spending two hours paying attention and perhaps taking notes for yourself…. Thank you for this great work!

Jeanette Poxleitner, audience

Thank you, thank you, thank you… Jessie! Indescribably deep, moving, touching and at the same time full of love. The film took away my fear of dying and made my soul dance… and you know how important dance is in my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the creative souls, especially Baptiste de Pape, Paul Cannon, Kay Pollak, Steve Poltz, Jason Mraz. All their souls have touched me so infinitely and I could find myself within … The most beautiful film I could watch since along time … and in the end you are in love with yourself and all the artists!

Diana Marino, author & breathworker

" The film I am a creative soul is emotionally stirring, captivating, dreamy (but at no point trite), informative, entertaining and sensually humorous. I almost want to ask director Jessica Hahner to take this journey again, with me as the viewer in tow. "

Manuela Thoma-Adofo, journalist and writer with cross-genre publications.

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