I am a filmmaker, photographer and coach,

in addition I have dedicated myself to natural healing work.

Triggered by a crisis in 1997,

I dived, (reluctantly would be an understatement) into the world of shamanism.

This has accompanied me and my work in a valuable way ever since.

Shamanism, which at first seemed gruppy and absurd to me, now turns out to be a treasure that enriches my life immeasurably.

Each of us has our own truth, an inherent talent and resources to draw from. Unfortunately, most of us have lost confidence in ourselves and search outside.

In this exhausting search, we quickly forget that what we are looking for lies simply and much more wonderfully within ourselves. I see my task in reawakening and stimulating trust in our own potential.

In 2000 I developed The WORKSHOPs,

a mixture of improvisation, meaningful texts, meaningless exercises and much more. What came out were workshops that lead to more self-confidence and touching authenticity in each individual.

In 2012 I added the Gukanuna Spirit Dancer courses,

a bodywork that leads to the same enchanting, courageous and charismatic qualities through dancing.

From 2012 - 2020 I produced my heartproject I AM A CREATIVE SOUL

and had the honor to meet inspiring creatives like Kay Pollak, Jason Mraz, Rich Martini, Baptist de Pape and many others. Together we made a film about dying, life and the creative process. When I made this film, I got endless rejections and NO's from the film industry and financiers.

Many confrontations because I was too intimate with the film and it sucked (I really heard that word), but I believed in it, financed it myself and learned by doing: editing, cinematography and storytelling. We've won about 30 awards with it so far and it will be in theaters soon.

In 2021 I wrote the german book "Kriegerinnen des Lichts".

"From dying into living", is the subtitle. It´s the true story

about the sudden death of my horse Mulle. Me desperately

taking a time out in the Black Forest, longing for answers of

her unexspected death, falling into desperation

until Mulle is showing up with her out of a sudden teachings

about consciousness and the illusion our mind is captured in.

The process of writing this book took me on a new journey

and relocating in-to the beautiful forest of Sweden.

It is about to be translated in english now.

about me:

The meaning of the word "GUKANUNA" :

In the age of 25 I started to paint. I was in a deep crisis and it was my dear friend Tom Schlesinger who said, start painting!

So I did these cave paintings with golden signs on turquoise base.

It came out of me like a battle with my inner demons, but I liked the final paintings. Also, out of nowhere, I started drawing and didn’t know where the new born talent came from. I put gukanuna as my artist name and hung one of the paintings on the wall of the entrance room in my shared flat in Hamburg.

One day a Japanese lady visited us and stopped in front of the painting with the signs. She asked me, what gukanuna meant?

I don't know, I said, gukanuna was my first word as a child. I could barely walk when I called this word after my great-grandmother. Although little of my early childhood has stuck with me, I have always remembered gukanuna fondly.

She said, ah, you speak Japanese? I said, no! She said, there are Japanese characters on your picture.

She pointed to the signs and said, that means "sun" and that means "flowing".

After that I had some exhibitions with my paintings in Hamburg.

I told the gallery owners that I was a painter and had studied art and drawing in Japan. That was a lie... and more galleries wanted to sell my paintings.

I felt terrible about the lie. I asked extremely high prices for my work, for them to not sell anything and let my lies flew off.

After three weeks I called them and said that I didn't want to sell my paintings anymore. I gave the paintings to my sister and stopped painting.

About five years later, I was living in Berlin - still suffering, going through the dark night of the soul, my shamanic initiation in retrospect -

I had the urge to find out what my first word meant.

So I went to all sorts of international restaurants in Berlin and asked the owners if gukanuna was their language.... but no one could help me.

Then a friend of a friend was in Berlin. Annette was studying languages in Cologne and I asked her if she knew by any chance what gukanuna could be about... She didn't.

Three days later, my phone was ringing. It was Annette, she was back in Cologne. She said, she had woken up at night and had to google my word.

I was disappointed and said, that I googled it before and there is absolutely nothing about gukanuna.

She said, "Yes, but I woke up and knew I had to leave a space between guka and nuna.... and I found the Delaware Lenape Indian dictionary.

Your first word is actually a combination of two words:

Guka means mother and nuna - breast. It means Mother's breast."

Wow, that was something! With this informatiom I tried to find out more about them... but they seemed to be a small tribe and there was hardly something to find about them in the internet.

2018, when I was in L.A., I bumped into Christopher.

I met him three years earlier in Topanga and we chatted about how he healed himself from cancer.

When we met again I wanted to connect on Facebook and that's when I saw he was from Delaware.

I said, "Wow, you're from Delaware? Do you know the Leni Lenape? The tribe?"

Out of the sudden his eyes filled with tears, he took off his shirt, turned his back to me and replied, "My great grandfather was the chief of that tribe, I have him tattooed on my back."

And there it was... my connection, my path, everything made perfect sense to me. I started to cry too - a deep releasing crying.

The Leni Lenape were the visionaries and healers of their time, and their spirit animal was the reindeer. When I arrived in Topanga cyn that year 2018, I saw two of them standing in the national park staring at me.