You landed on gukanuna earth.

It´s a creative space full of possibilities.

A place where your wildest dreams find

their path into reality.

Since you entered, you are already a part of it.

To keep it love-overloaded, I made up

some Gukanuna Earth rules...

these may be broken by more radiant rules..

1. Laugh more

Go for your dreams now

# create your universe


“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you“


"I love that I created/experienced...(fill in what you want to manifest)"

Let your spirit radiate

* Shine like it´s your favourite day of the year

   6. Inspire somebody today

   Say "hello" to someone you don´t know ..

  .. Smile !!

          8. Make yourself a compliment,

    „ You are my best friend “.. „ I am so proud of you!“

      10. Appreciate someone for being who he/she is ..

      11. Schreibe lustige Sachen in einer anderen Sprache

* * Verfasse Zitate und lese sie dir Abends in der Badewanne

                                   oder bei einem Becher Tee vor...

   ps:* Be the inspiration you want to see in the world and spread it!             


Enjoy my page!

                   Love Jessie



I am Jessie



my daughter


Fienje is an extremly creative and social soul.

After finishing school in germany she is diving into her photography career and will be supporting us in Sweden the next year.

I am soo excited..

she is joining the Swedengang ..

Oh, I love these cuties and they are my two favorite guys in the  in the garden. They are so much fun and extraordinary good coaches.

Forest &


Right now they are coaching me

to let them move into the house.

With words hardly to describe how much joy the two of them bring. Mother and daughter and also known as the traveling cats.. We are often on the road or ferry back and forth to germany. I´m so grateful for their company..

Luna &


I can steal horses with them! However,

Forest & Sahib have been bought.

*This place is magic*

Fortune brought me here or was it Mulle from my book "Kriegerinnen des Lichts" ?

Here in the forest lies the source of creativity and a huge toolset for transformation.

Creative Soul venue

Really... Magic abounds here.. boom taka tum!

together we are GUKANUNA EARTH..